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Bali Travel Tips :

From finding the way in the crowds to discovering wildlife, there are a number of points to get the best during your trip to Bali. We have mentioned some tips for your next holiday to the Island.

Expect throngs

Considered as the best island to travel on the earth, Bali is an undiscovered heaven. But well it can be hard to find out the crowds in the south Bali, strong-minded loneliness hunters will be delighted to find lots of private corners. Move to chill-out in the north and west shorelines.

Dress properly on travel

Short skirt doesn’t always fit in the culture of Bali, but high-end bars, restaurants and clubs allow dressing. If you are unaware from it, get information about what to wear and not.

Admire religious traditions

Religion keeps important place in the heart of Bali. Don’t get out in a short when street is blocked off for a ceremony or your driver pulls his head to seek blessings – this is for which the Island is known. Plan your vacation nearby Nyepi when all in Bali shuts down for few days and always dress modestly. Visit temples and holy places.

Learn some local languages

A few fundamental words of regional languages will take you a long way in Bali. Try to learn some words like - Selamat pagi (good morning), tolong (please) and terima kasih (thank you).

Bargain politely

You can get good deal for several items in Bali, but do so politely. You should know the tricks to bring down the price, when in doubt, move for further stall – if the seller doesn’t call you for the bargain price then you can be sure that they aren’t ready to drop the rate.

Don’t constant worry

Bali is normally safe than it is presented by the suggested headlines, but with near about millions of travelers visit its coasts annually. It is natural that some tourists may have issues during their trip, but it is generally safe. Be careful, always wear a helmet at the time of riding a bike, be polite & respectful, and don’t do anything that make you fall in trouble and you are on a track to get a lifetime holiday experience.

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