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Bali Festivals:


Nyepi festival :

Nyepi festival marks the starting of a new lunar year and falls during spring. During this day Bali comes to a standstill. No one works, or travels on this day and tourists can enjoy this customary festival. A day before Nyepi, Bali celebrate it to the fullest that makes up for the nest day of stillness. According to beliefs it is said that the evil spirits leave Bali due to this stillness, who thinks that it is inhabited. The entire day is a whole new experience for visitors in Bali.


Easter :

Easter is celebrated all through Bali by those of Christian faith. The celebration comprises religious ceremonies that are performed at various churches and even within homes.


Kartini :

Kartini Day celebrates the birth of Raden Ajeng Kartini, a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national figure, a pioneer who founded the Balinese women’s rights movement.


Bali Art Festival :

Bali Art Festival is celebrated from June to July. This festival is a great opportunity to witness Bali in the most glorious culture. Held at the Bali's Art Center in Denpasar, the art festival invites local troupes from various parts of Bali. Tourists can enjoy wayang shadow puppets, gamelan orchestra, and Bari dances.


Kite Festival :

Kite festival at Bali is an annual international kite festival hosted at Sanur Beach, Bali. There are numerous local teams of kite fliers who take part in this competition. Each of the teams comprises 70 to 80 people with their own Gamelon band, flyers, and flag bearers. On this day, the sky is adorned with massive traditional colorful kites. The festival sends a Hindu Gods to create ample crops & harvests.


Negara Bull Races (July to October)

The Negara bull races are very popular in Bali. During these colorful races bulls are decked with accessories, hitched in pairs to make chariots. These chariots are rode by jockeys who compete with each other to turn out the winner.


Nusa Dua Festival (August/September)

Nusa Dua is a weeklong Festival, when tourists can catch a glimpse of the represents the rich and vibrant local culture of Bali.

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