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Bali Tourist Attractions :


Ubud :

Ubud is famous for its Balinese paintings at the famous "Purl Lukisan" Museum. The museum comprises both modern artworks from Bali and painting work from the ancient painters of Bali. It is also home to the famous painting artists like American Antonio Blanco and Dutchborn Hans Snel. There are seven art galleries, where travelers can catch a glimpse of the artwork collection of Bali. Moreover, the pleasant climate and finest accommodation option make it a famous point of interest in Bali. So, whether you are taking a walk through the art show at the museum or an art aficionado, a visit to these museums is a must in your itinerary.


Kuta :

Kuta is one of the best destinations far-famed for its beaches best known for surfing, and its young crowd. From great accommodation to finest home stays, restaurants, shops, discos, and other great facilities, Kuta has it all under one roof. You can also enjoy great sunset views at the beach and catch up traditional Balinese music and dance.


Batubulan :

Batubulan Village is a unique destination with an artistic charm. It is the hub of art sculptures and carvings famous in the domestic & international markets. It is also the stage for various Balinese dances like Kecak, Barong Dance and the Legong Dance. As per stories, Batubulan is associated with the supreme Deity Kalesan, who built his palace here along with his followers. The residents are hereditary craftsmen with great carving excellence, thus making Batubulan a more famous place in Bali.


Tanah Lot :

One of Bali's famous sea temples, the temple sanctuary at Tanah Lot is built atop a huge rock which is surrounded by the sea. Built in the 16th century, the temple is made in honor of the guardian spirits of the sea. It is believed that the sea snakes at the base of the island guard the temple from evil spirits.


Pura Besakih :

Popularly known as the "Mother Temple of Bali”, Pura Besakih on Mt. Agung is a sacred temple in Bali. The temple comprises more than a thousand steps ascending through split gates to the prime courtyard that enshrines the Trinity shrines wrapped in cloth and are offered flowers. The shrine houses the three main temples of Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu along with 18 other sanctuaries made in honor of other deities.


Terraced Rice Paddies :

The terraced rice field’s that date back to 2,000 years ago when the local farmers began to carve stepped terraces out of the hilly landscape with primitive tools. The emerald green rice fields in Bali are just photogenic and most beautiful highlight of Bali. The rice fields at Tegallalang village, Ubud, Pupuan, and Jatiluwih.


Pura Kehen :

Pura Kehen is a mysterious courtyard after 38 stairs covered with banyan tree. It the royal ancestral temple made in honor of King of Bangli, also Pura Kehen is the royal ancestral temple of the Raja of Bangli, one of the eight royals of Bali. It is a profoundly honored religious temple complex in Bali, whose origin dates back to the eleventh century.


Gunung Batur :

The Gunung Batur active volcano at an altitude of 1,717 meters is the second holiest mountain on after Gunung Agung. It also showcases the female element next to Agung's male.

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