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Useful Dubai Words and Phrases

Being proud to be a multi-lingual destination, Dubai uses both the official languages i.e. Arabic and English. If you’re heading to Dubai on a tour and desirous to learn Arabic words and phrases, read the following useful Arabic words and phrases to start with. Always keep in mind that to greet someone or a make a request sounds more polite.

Min Fadlak – Please
Shukran Lak - Thank you
NaAm – Yes
La – No
Marhaba – Hello
Kaeef Halak – How are you?
Sabah el Khair – Good morning
Massa el Khair – Good evening
Maasalaamah – ‘Goodbye’ or ‘with peace’
Ahlan Wa Sahlan (short form - Ahlan to suit most scenarios) – Welcome
Wada’an – Bye
Yallah – ‘Let’s go’, 'Hurry' or 'Go'
Jeldi-Jeldi – Quick-Quick
Khalas – ‘finish’ or ‘done’
Tawaqaf – Stop
Affwaan, Asef or MaAzera – ‘Sorry’ or ‘excuse me’
Mabrook – Congratulations
Habibi (male) and Habibti (female) – ‘my darling’ or ‘my love’
In sh'Allah – if it is Allah’s will
Maashallah – what Allah wishes
LaaAref – I don't know
Maza/Man – Who? / What?
Ayna/Lemaza – Where? / Why?
MosaAda – Help!

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