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When to Go to Thailand

Three seasons govern the climate of most of Thailand. The first is rainy season, The southwest monsoon damping wetness collected from the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea causes rainy season lasting approx from the month of May to October. The duration of November to February follows cool season, whereas the hot season lasts from March to May.


In all, the best and pleasant time to visit Thailand is the cool season that bestows its visitors with waterfalls in full spate and the best of upland flowers in blossom because this season has less rain and more manageable temperatures in spite of having the possibility of reaching of its temperature up to scorching 300 C in the middle time of the day. This thing must be borne in mind that forward planning is necessary because it’s also the busiest season.


To hit the beach best, hot season is suitable when temperature almost reaches up to 350 C in Bangkok, the national capital city of Thailand.