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Shopping in Maldives :

Mostly people visit Maldives to see its natural panorama, but don’t hesitate to try their hand in shopping. The Island offers you many shopping opportunities to buy luxury goods, Jeweler, watches and cosmetics products on reasonable price.

Though the local goods are particular liked and local handicrafts are well worth to buy. The local market on Male is filled with local products, containing yams, fruits and vegetables. You can also find sweets, pickles, bunch of bananas and others. Handicrafts are also found over here. The local market is just located on walking distance from the popular Fish market on the northern waterfront.

The Majeedhee Magu, positioned on the Malé is the main shopping point. Boutiques here sell all things from handbags to electronic items. They are open till late in night, but notice that shops closes for 15 minutes during the day for pray.

For local gifts, Chaandhanee Magu is the site to move for. Here you can find thudu kuna, a traditional woven mats along with perfectly crafted miniature local boats.

Notice – Do not buy any gifts that are crafted with turtle shell, coral, gem and crocodile skin because it is strictly prohibited.