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Behavioral tips you must keep in mind while travelling to Thailand

Ready for your Thailand trip? Checked-out every hotel detail and event lined up in the itinerary? Well! You might also have been through the luggage tips to make sure you can be at your best in every picture. But, have you considered some behavioral and dress up tips that can help you enjoy it to the fullest, whether it’s your sightseeing tour to famous temples & sacred shrines or a walk out with your partner. Have a look at some travel tips lined up just for you :

  • The monarchy is highly respected by the people of Thailand. Hence, it’s important to show respect to the Royals.
  • While visiting any religious shrine or monarchial buildings make sure to dress properly or you might be refused entry. Don’t wear anything provocative that might catch every eye. Wear something appropriate that can cover your shoulders, midriff and knees. Also wear some nice and easily removable footwear, as it’s necessary to remove your shoes before entering any temple.
  • Dressing neatly in religious shrines is a must – otherwise prepare to be refused entry. Some places, such as the King’s Palace, will allow you to hire appropriate dress but you can expect hot and heavy sarong-type clothing so it’s best to turn up wearing something appropriate and comfortable
  • Each image of Lord Buddha is held sacred in by the thai people. So whether it’s a small, large or ruined image, don’t try to behave in any such manner that might be viewed as a lack of respect.
  • buddhist-monks
  • Buddhist monks are forbidden to be touched by a woman or to accept something offered by a lady. So, if you wish to anything to a monk, fist hand it to a man to present it to the monk.
  • thai-wai
  • The wai – a gesture in which both palms are pressed together is the traditional form of greeting. Though some people won’t mind a handshake, but if you greet them with a wai, it would be more appreciable.
  • The head in considered the highest part of the body among the people of Thailand, so avoid touching people on their head or passing things over someone’s head.

  • Also don’t point your feet at people or things, as it is considered very rude.
  • If you are entering a thai home, it is appreciated to take off your shoes.
  • no-pda
  • This tip is especially for couples and honeymooners. Whether you are out on a romantic escape with your husband or planned out a special vacation on your girlfriend’s birthday PDA is a complete no. Don’t be the centre of attention for every passerby and avoid being under the eyes of the moral police.
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