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Things to carry on your return journey from Dubai

Dubai is just a paradise for all types of shoppers. Despite of hot weather, you will have a great collection of everything that makes your shopping in Dubai a great experience. And why not, it is an address of the world’s biggest shopping mall – the Dubai mall. It is a huge place with seemingly numerous options. With a never-ending number of outlets, you have so much choice of Dubai honeymoon tour packages from India that gives you a chance to explore all the shopping paradise.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates forming the country of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the most travel-friendly cities in the middle-east and offers interesting and over-whelming things. See bustling, ultra-modern with futuristic skyscrapers, picturesque beaches, artificial beaches & Islands, imposing shopping malls, traditional souks, classy restaurants and all these beautiful things are surrounded by a seemingly endless expanse of desert. The city never disappoints and offers you so many things to see and do. You will only admire the city.

In past few years, Dubai has developed a lot and attracts all kinds of travelers from all over the world. It is pretty common that all has different interests and their motive to visit here is also vary, but one thing that brings them together, in spite of different interests and motives – is shopping voyage in Dubai. Of course, shopping here is seductive and fun-loving.

What to Buy in Dubai


Gold – The city is famous for Gold, Gold and Gold. You can find a variety of gold jewelry in its biggest gold market. Dubai Gold Souk is one of the biggest gold markets in the world, which is located in the heart of Deira a commercial business region. You can buy gold at competitive prices as it is cheaper than most parts of the world. But bargaining is a frequent practice in Dubai’s gold market.

Note – Know about the laws of your home nation and how much gold you can bring back.


Perfume – Continue your trip to the east of the Gold Souk, where you will find perfume souk, which is famous for different kinds of perfumes. Each offers a great range of Arabic Ittars as well as international perfume brands. Spell-binding fragrances will attract you to this marketplace. You can also buy it in the shopping malls, the reason you should move here is as you have option to bargain. So, if you can bargain then buy few bottles.

Note- Don’t carry these products in your hand luggage at the time of your home returning.


Spices –One more product which you cannot carry in your hand-bag is spice because it has some truly strong aroma. Well, spice souk boast of selling many kinds of exotic spices. Located just close to the gold souk, the spice market is easy to find. Piles and piles of known and unknown spices crowd the narrow passages of the Spice souk and more interesting thing is that you can purchase them at affordable rates. You can bargain here which you cannot do in big shops or shopping malls.

Note – Carrying these spices on the flight can be a difficulty, so buy only those spices which you may not find in your country. Also, make sure that all the spices you have purchased have been packed perfectly and in limited quantity. In addition, check out the type and quantity of spices is allowed to board on flight.


Dried Fruits – The city is popular for its good quality of dried fruits. Well these are not the cheap souvenirs to bring back from the city; the city has many small and big vendors who sell all types of high quality dried fruits that may found in the world.

Saudi Arabian dates are definitely a part of attraction when it comes to buy dried fruits in Dubai. These dates, with sticky, juicy and tasty are the most popular in Dubai and can also be a brilliant souvenir for your loved ones.

Note – Don’t buy dried fruits from the shopping malls as you can get same quality of dried fruits in market place and small shops at affordable prices.


Alcohol – In Dubai, residents need permission to consume alcohol in the city. In addition, alcohol consumption is allowed only in fixed regions such as bars close to hotels or in their personal spaces. Travelers though can buy and consume alcohol in Dubai’s restricted regions without a legal license. It is worth mentioning that liquors of unique types are present in the big, duty free outlet at Dubai airport.

Note – While buying alcohol in Dubai, assure to buy the quantity you are permitted to buy. Rules regarding this are really strict here and so, it is always good to be well informed. Also, ask the airline about the quantity of alcohol you are permitted to bring back after your Dubai tour.

Best holiday packages Dubai offers you many amazing places to fulfill your shopping desire; you will get everything unique and different. While doing shopping in Dubai, you will get lots of fun and entertainment. You should visit at least one time in these open-air marketplaces, in order to find a taste of the customary aromas of the town.