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Hindi movies picturised in Thailand

Movies have an amazing ability to take your life to the next level. They are normally attractive and inspiring and if it has shot in refreshing locations. A number of times, I have been so captivated by a Bollywood song picturised in a wonderful site. Thailand, more than a decade, has become a desirable place in Bollywood. Continue reading

Bangkok & Pattaya, the beaming beauties of Thailand

Bangkok & Pattaya, the beaming beauties of Thailand

Beaming with a great culture & natural beauty, Thailand is a highly traveled destination in
South-East Asia. Also nicknamed as the “Land of the Elephants”, Thailand is blessed with a great natural beauty, and destinations so wonderful that one just can’t resist their charm. The lovely country is visited by many travel enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Owing to its world class hospitality and a multitude of holidaying opportunities, Thailand is a destination one just can’t say no to. Continue reading