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10 Most Amazing National Parks in Thailand

Lovingly called the ‘Land of Smiles’, Thailand is the country, which is home to 147 wonderful national parks, 58 wildlife sanctuaries, 120 forest parks, and 67 non hunting zones. This data, which belongs to as of 2015 A.D., indicates that the protected regions cover approx Continue reading

Top things to discover in Bangkok

Bangkok is a destination where civilization meets nature. There are clear beaches and luscious forests on offer, all laden with a different past and culture. If this is what you invite a perfect get-away, and then you should be moving to Thailand, one of the most famous travel destinations in Southeast Asia. Read our below mentioned attractions to travel around during your Bangkok trip – Continue reading

Thailand Festivals Buddhist Lent Day (Wan Khao Phansa)

Wan Khao Phansa is celebrated after a period of three lunar months at the time of the rainy season when monks are required to stay in one exact site or temple. This year it falls at Wednesday 20th July 2016.The starting of the Buddhist lent time Monks go back to the Temples and new life jump forward. Continue reading