Spice Jet is going to expand its Aircrafts list

The officials of Spice Jet have revealed that they are going to purchase 205 Boeing 737 jets worth US$22 Billion. The planned was discussed in Delhi-based Spice jet Office   and were said that the deal opens up the current stage in a notable turnaround for Spice Jet, which was postponed due to financial problems. Since then though, India’s aviation area has seen an unparalleled growth, with 2 years of double-digit growth in regards of domestic traffic.

Now a day, Spice Jet controls a group of 32,737s, but today’s order includes 155 new 737 MAX aircraft, with options for an additional of 50.

“The Boeing 737 kinds of aircrafts has been the strength of our fleet since Spice Jet started,” said Spice Jet. “With the next stage of development of 737 and the 737 MAX, we are definitely that we can be competitive and raise gainful.

The order goes after the recent conclusion of a 72-aircraft order by opponent Indian LCC, Go Air. And one more Indian budget Aircraft, Indigo, was accountable for the 2nd biggest aircraft order ever done, when it bought 250 Airbus A320s in 2015.