Marriage Anniversary Celebration in Dubai: 6 Super Cool Ideas to Have Romance

Thinking of celebrating your marriage anniversary in Dubai? If so, we are here to assist you about this. Affectionately referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Persian Gulf’, this dazzling cosmopolitan city is considered as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Each year, thousands and thousands of romantic couples and backpackers from every part of the world escape to this tourist destination to enjoy the tour. For making the tour of this destination easy, comfortable and convenient, Dubai Holiday Packages with Best Deals are particularly tailor made by ARV Holidays, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India as well as the world. 

6 Super Cool Ideas to Have Romance

Here, we have enlisted 6 super cool ideas to have romance so that you can celebrate your marriage anniversary at its fullest. 

  1. Enjoy a dinner cruise 

During the marriage celebration in Dubai, romantic couples can take the enjoyment of a dinner cruise. Being a 2 hour event on board of a traditional dhow, the Marina Dhow dinner cruise is the fascinating way to have the fine glimpse of the skyline of new Dubai with its captivating architecture, the breathtaking Atlantis hotel on the Palm and the Burj al Arab, private beaches, and much more. By taking this chance, you can praise the breathtaking skyline of the Dubai Marina as well as the Jumeirah Beach Residence. For having an unforgettable experience, romantic couples can opt for a sunset cruise from 18:30 hours to 19:30 hours and can have the chance of relishing a romantic dinner while taking the enjoyment of cruising under the velvet sky. 

  1. Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari is a more romantic way to celebrate the marriage anniversary. This type of safari offers the romantic couples the enjoyment of belly dancing, dune bashing, sunset photography, henna painting, sand skiing, camel rides, a buffet dinner under the stars, and so on. Normally, these types of safaris run from 04:00 pm to 09:00 am on the next day. 

  1. Take a walk on the beach

Dubai offers its visitors several breathtaking beaches, but a number of these are pertaining to coastline hotels who normally provide preference of use to in house guests. In case of not being packed with people, these beaches can be used for taking a walk on. On the beach, romantic couples can also take the enjoyment of a small picnic, relaxing and calm dinner. 

  1. Have a fun of horse riding at the Al Dhabi stables

If romantic couples love to have the fun of horse riding, they can head to the Al Dhabi stables. Being a family operated business, the Al Dhabi family farm belongs to its owners and staff having passion for animals. Here, they can take the enjoyment of horse riding at dusk under the setting sun and have an opportunity of having the experience of the actual desert of Dubai. 

  1. Enjoy hot air balloon ride

The charming cosmopolitan city of Dubai offers its visitors the thrilling enjoyment of hot air balloon ride. While gliding in the sky, taking in the sight of a fiery orange sun rising over the huge expanse of golden desert sand is a memorable romantic experience. By doing this, you get the chance of flying over the endless ocean of sand dotted with a variety of indigenous animals like camels, gazelle and Oryx.

 Have a fascinating aerial view of Dubai

The marriage anniversary celebration in Dubai is incomplete without having a fascinating aerial view of Dubai. Through one of Seawings of Dubai tours, romantic couples can take the unlimited enjoyment of an aerial glimpse of the wonderful emirate of Dubai. Including the pre-flight refreshments, a 40 minute dock to dock ride, which offers the visitors chance of taking the fine glimpse of the aerial bird’s eye view of the dazzling cosmopolitan city of Dubai, is suitable for the romantic couples for taking the unlimited enjoyment of a special occasion along with each other.

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In this way, we can justly say that by implementing the above mentioned ideas, romantic couples can have a load of romance along with each other. In case of being willing to celebrate marriage anniversary in Dubai, you can book Dubai Honeymoon Package from Delhi. All of these tour packages are available at cheap and best prices. To know more about the packages, you can also visit us online at:

So, we hope that if romantic couples adopt these ideas along with each other during the celebration of their marriage anniversary in Dubai, they would surely be successful to have the romance at its fullest. All these cool ideas are perfect for the romantic couples for the complete use of this occasion.