Best 10 things to discover in Thailand

Top 10 things every traveler should know about this lively Asian country.

Island Tour

The Island has more than 5,000 miles of shoreline waiting to be discovered. Discover its coastlines or take a boat ride. Visit the Phang Nga Bay to see the limestone rocks that are so popular for picture perfect photos. Here’s you will find out white-sand beaches and lots of snorkeling on Ko Phi Phi Lee and Ko Phi Phi Don. The tranquil sea and obvious conditions are ideal for kayaking, too.

Best 10 things to in Thailand


Tribe villages in Hill

Akha, Lisu, Hmong and Karen ethnic groups are found around the north of Thailand. Go to enjoy vacation and spend a day or night with a local family to know and feel their daily life. Select your tour guide intelligently – make sure that they run in a logical way.



Kanchanaburi region is a filled with lush green forest and a paradise for vacationers. Here, you will find the notorious Death Railway which connects Burma to Myanmar and the beautiful bridge more than the River Kwai. Both are memorable leftovers from WWII (World War II), built by prisoners during the war. It’s a relaxing place, but necessary on Thailand tour.

Very old ruins and national parks

Thailand houses different scenery and its national parks are well-known for their beauty. Doi Inthanon National Park, Khao Yai National Park, Sai Yok National Park, Khao Sok National Park are some most preferred travel sites. You will also get UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


An elephant ride

The elephant is a favorite animal in Thailand and the Elephant Nature Park save elephants and your visit supports them to preserve this wonderful creature of God. To mix your elephant experience with lavishness housing, visit Elephant Hills; relax full tented camp, with chances to converse with the animals.

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The Grand Palace

This amazing gold covered series of structure is somewhere 200 years old and probably Bangkok’s landmark. Built in 1782, the royal history can be found clearly in this official house of the Kings of Siam.  The perfect time to see the Grand Palace is at night when it take baths in lights and meet with crowd who come to see the palace; it is an extremely romantic feeling.

The Golden Triangle

This is the same point where the Mekong River mix in the Ruak River called Sop Ruak among local people, but for the world it is the Golden Triangle. Spend some time on the Thailand river bank, and you can have a quick look around the Burma/Myanmar and Laos, or book a boat to get a close look.


Floating markets

It is a great photogenic market with shaky wooden boats filled with locally produce items. Visit the market early in the morning to avoid crowds and must do bargains. Do some photography here and catch some beautiful pictures of the market.

Shop till you don’t

From street markets to shopping malls, you can shop at every part in Tour Packages In Thailand. In Bangkok, visit any of these markets – Chatuchak, Asiatique Night Market, etc. There are a number of shops and local markets around the destination that sells local arts & crafts, silverware, silks, pottery, wooden carvings and furniture.



Travelers are welcome to join in local festivals and events offer a great experience while knowing about the local traditions. Must be a part of Loi Krathong events in November, Thai New Year water celebrations in April and the Naga Fireballs in October – a natural event that happen just once in year.

This article actually helps you to get an idea about the best things to explore in Thailand. All above attractions of Thailand makes your holiday great and gives you lots of memorable times.