Bangkok & Pattaya, the beaming beauties of Thailand

Bangkok & Pattaya, the beaming beauties of Thailand

Beaming with a great culture & natural beauty, Thailand is a highly traveled destination in
South-East Asia. Also nicknamed as the “Land of the Elephants”, Thailand is blessed with a great natural beauty, and destinations so wonderful that one just can’t resist their charm. The lovely country is visited by many travel enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Owing to its world class hospitality and a multitude of holidaying opportunities, Thailand is a destination one just can’t say no to.

So, if you are in love with stunning beaches, musical waterfalls, colonial heritage, and amazing architecture from the past, then Thailand surely is the place for you. With Thailand packages you can have the perfect chance to explore two of the most amazing and highly popular cities of Thailand, that are on the list of every traveler. Bangkok and Pattaya are two such destinations that spoil every traveler with their multitude of fun-filled extravaganzas, and larger than life experiences.

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Bangkok : The capital city of Thailand is also one of the most sought after destination. The city with its own charm and a cultural style boasts prestigious Wat, gorgeous river line, great culture, amazing city life, and visual delights that can add up a surprise element to your vacation. Some of the must see places in Bangkok are Bangkae Amusement Park, Dusit Zoo, River Cruises, Chinatown Bangkok, Democracy Monument, Bangkok Playhouse, and City Pillar Shrine. Apart from its great sightseeing attractions, Bangkok also has lined up some wonderful gastronomical experiences for its visitors. Don’t miss out some of the best dishes like pad thai, pork stew, the awesome Char siew Bun that comes with various fillings, and papaya salad. From famous restaurants to food stalls and roadside vendors, travelers have a variety of options to eat out in Bangkok, and don’t worry each plate here ensures hygiene.

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Pattaya : Pattaya is the favorite place for most of the expats from every nook and corner of the world. The city is mostly visited for its nightlife, wonderful bars, and restaurants that promise a never like experience. From the scintillating walking street, to the splendid Jomtien beach, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, scared Sanctuary of Truth, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Ko Phai, and others, Pattaya has a lot in store for its visitors. Apart from all this, it is also a great place for shoppers. It is a total bliss for every wandering soul.

So, if haven’t been to these wonderful destinations of Thailand, then mark them on your travel list. It is only here that you will get to know how amazing travelling can be. For information on Thailand packages visit


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