Bali Underwater Scooter

Bali Underwater Scooter symbolize for fun

Bali underwater scooter is one of the most adventurous activities in Bali, which takes you to the world of waters. Get wet and enjoy the beautiful aquatic life, certainly around the charmed sunken garden in the Ceningan, a small island southeast of the Bali. Best thing about this sport is that you don’t need to have any diving experience to go deep into the sea and watch the enchanting activity of fish and corals. 

Get ready in the morning to transfer towards the southeast from the harbor at Serangan; you will reach Ceningan in 45 minutes. The guide will explain you about the basic instructions that you should follow during the underwater scooter. There are specially planned scooters have increased diving tanks, which nourish a stable flow of oxygen into your own breathing surroundings inside a headspace, similar to a diving signal. Go down into the water, the fun starts.

These simple but stylish, single-seat scooters go down into the sea and travel with a speed of up to 2kmp, which allow roaming over coral gardens teeming with schools of angelfish, butterfly fish and other colorful species. These scooters also allow non-divers to enjoy underwater views from close. Supported by professional divers, the tours also aspire to be a nature-friendly.

The major highlight of a trip is its underwater gardens that revolves around the corals, filled with Buddhist stupas evocative of Borobudur temple accompanied with sitting Buddha and standing bodhisattvas, all making a surreal and dreamy scene with soft and wavy lighting from above the surface. Scooters go down in depth around 20m, but these trips normally allows between 5-10m.

There are also an underwater walk that uses same diving bell helmet to make your fun safe and convenience. It offers a scuba diving experience to anyone, without any requirements of an experienced diver. You don’t even require knowing how to swim. People who are suffering from heart diseases or any kind of physical unfitness are strictly not allowed to do this activity. The day tour will bring you fun and refreshment.


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