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5 very classy things to enjoy in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most costly towns on the earth. Whilst there are numerous entertainment and affordable activities to do in Singapore for budget tourists, the city also has its fare share of terribly luxurious things to enjoy. So, we have done our study and found the most bizarre and classy things to do in Singapore that will not only spoil your entire itinerary of Singapore Tour Packages , but also leave you requiring to remortgage your home when you come back. Continue reading

5 visa free global destinations for a quick weekend escape

You may be know about the popular domestic spots as famous options for weekend escapes, but Indians can now enjoy their holiday in many nations without a visa or visa on arrival method. Thus, a number of global spots can also make space in your list of quick escapes more than this long weekend. Continue reading

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Best water parks of the world

The population of the human being is around seven billion in the world in which some of us are lucky to enjoy life in the charm of beaches, while others take a ride on the tallest waves. But have you thought ever about those people who don’t live near to sea. For all those people who live away from the enjoyment of beach activities, then world’s best water parks are a huge gift. Here are listed the best water parks of the world, which you should visit once in a life span. Continue reading