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Thailand Festivals Buddhist Lent Day (Wan Khao Phansa)

Wan Khao Phansa is celebrated after a period of three lunar months at the time of the rainy season when monks are required to stay in one exact site or temple. This year it falls at Wednesday 20th July 2016.The starting of the Buddhist lent time Monks go back to the Temples and new life jump forward. Continue reading

5 Top Places in India to Celebrate the Festival of Holi 2015

The exclusive event of Holi, which is celebrated in the month of March, is the festival of colors. This festival celebrates the brilliant & rich Indian customs and culture. For being so much diversity in India, Holi is celebrated in the different styles in this country. Normally, it is celebrated by coating the colored powder and scattering the colored water over each other, but each area has its own particularity. Although, the people can enjoy Holi everywhere in India, yet the best locations to enjoy this festival in India are following : Continue reading

The 10 Best Things to Do Around Christmas

The Best Things to Do around Christmas as a Memorable Tour

It’s the time of the end of the year again. People can hear the carol of Christmas throughout the city & take the fragrance of gingerbread cookies. The fall of the first snow is in progress and the mulled wine is lingering in the air. Christmas is arriving by the time passing quickly. The tourists may have chosen to enjoy the most festive time of the year to explore the customs of new Christmas and visit a new destination on holiday? We have selected the complete adventures ready for you. The description of the 10 best things to do around Christmas worldwide, which would set every unsatisfied person into the right spirit. Continue reading

The Trends to Create Excitement in the Luxury Travel for 2015

The people who want to know about the trends, which can create excitement for them during their luxury travel for the coming year of 2015, should try the following things. Some people think that a few selected activities like the sipping of martinis beside a pool can create excitement during their luxury travel. To fulfill their utmost desire, they will have to do many activities such as adventures, the exploration of the celebrations of a culture, to see new meadows, etc. Continue reading

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is round the corner and the entire world is gearing up for the celebrations. It is that time of the year when cities dress up perfectly, lanes are lit up and Christmas trees are everywhere to be seen. Though, most of the countries in the world celebrate Christmas, but if you really wish to enjoy this most anticipated festival to the fullest then make sure to include these destinations as part of the Christmas vacation plan. Continue reading