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Hong Kong – Macau – Shenzhen a lifetime travel destinations

Hong Kong is a destination for travelers where you can enjoy food, shopping and entertainment. Millions of travelers visit to enjoy Hong Kong’s travel attractions throughout the year. Millions of travelers visit the place for one single reason and that is fun. Visit and discover many attractions to enjoy as you will love a wide range of natural, cultural and traditional. Continue reading

Hong Kong Macau

Know when to visit Hong Kong Macau

Hong Kong and Macau is characteristic as a subtropical type of weather that is preferably distinguished through summers that are hot and moist and dehydrated winters. So, it is not a tricky choice to plan when would be the perfect time to travel Hong Kong Macau. Well the best times to travel around Hong Kong-Macau are in the seasons of October, November and December. January and February looks little cloudy and chilly but it is fairly dry and even at the time of these months you can plan to travel around the Hong Kong and Macau. Continue reading