7 Best Places to Visit in Thailand for Your Honeymoon

Have you ever visited Thailand? If not, you must go there once at least in your life. Affectionately referred to as the ‘Land of Smiles’, this country, which is located in Southeast Asia, is considered as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Each year, thousands and thousands of romantic couples, holiday vacationers and backpackers from every part of the world visit this tourist destination. Thailand Packages for Couples with ARV Holidays are particularly designed to make the tour of this destination easy, comfortable and convenient. 

  1. Koh Samui

Boasting of being the 2nd largest island in Thailand, just after Phuket, Koh Samui, which is situated  in the Gulf of Thailand, offers honeymoon vacation accommodation for the people of all budgets from super luxury resorts to ordinary bamboo beach huts. During the romantic tour of this honeymoon destination, honeymoon couples regard as if they are in heaven. Endowed with an airport, this charming island offers its visitors the access to many other islands by the service of a ferry ride.  

  1. Koh Lipe

Lovingly called the ‘Maldives of Thailand’ because of having its similarity with the Maldives, Koh Lipe, which can be reached by only a boat throughout the year from Pak Bara Thailand and from Langkawi in Malaysia and other islands of Thailand from the month of November to April, is the magical heaven floating in the middle of the Andaman Sea with the splendid and sandy beaches, and fascinating turquoise waters. Thus, this island is perfect for honeymoon couples. 

  1. Koh Lanta

Being a part of an archipelago of approx 52 islands, Koh Lanta, which is situated in the Andaman Sea, is perfect for the honeymoon couples for having a romantic stay. Having its easy connectivity by a ferry ride to other islands, this beautiful island destination, which is blessed with coral reefs, 11 white powdery beaches, and so on, is perfect for honeymoon couples instead of being suitable for the party enjoy takers.

7 Best Places to Visit in Thailand for Your Honeymoon

7 Best Places to Visit in Thailand for Your Honeymoon 

  1. Koh Phi Phi

Shown in Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie ‘The Beach’, Koh Phi Phi, which offers the enjoyment of vibrant nightlife beginning with an excellent seafood BBQ, fire show, and Chang beers or several Thai buckets, is perfect for the honeymoon couples in search of a breathtaking island of Thailand with some vibrant nightlife. From other islands of Thailand, this fascinating island is easily accessible by the service of a ferry ride.  

  1. Koh Adang

Not having the requirement of a 5 star resort, the romantic couples, who are in search of a place perfect for outdoor activities, can head to Koh Adang. On this enthralling island, one can undoubtedly find one’s own private beach. Being a fast ten minute boat ride far from Koh Lipe, Koh Adang provides the honeymoon couples the availability of simple bungalows to rent through the system of a national park or camping just on the beach.  

  1. Khao Lak

Perfect for the romantic couples taking the enjoyment of honeymoon vacation along with their kids, Khao Lak, which is nestled on the Andaman Sea, is a must visit for honeymoon during the tour of  Thailand. Not being away from Phuket, this island destination, which has its location of the closest airport in Phuket at a distance of only 46 miles, can be easily reached by a shuttle plying from Phuket and other cities within the country of Thailand.  

  1. Koh Tao

Being a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao, which is enriched with a lot of punch, is famous as a honeymoon destination perfect for divers. Having its easy access to Koh Samui and other islands of Thailand by a ferry ride, this charming island destination is a must visit place for romantic couples having a keen desire for taking the unforgettable experience of their luxurious honeymoon.

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