5 very classy things to enjoy in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most costly towns on the earth. Whilst there are numerous entertainment and affordable activities to do in Singapore for budget tourists, the city also has its fare share of terribly luxurious things to enjoy. So, we have done our study and found the most bizarre and classy things to do in Singapore that will not only spoil your entire itinerary of Singapore Tour Packages , but also leave you requiring to remortgage your home when you come back.


1. Taste the globe’s most pricey cocktail at Pangaea,   

During your Singaporean tour, sip the globe’s most costly cocktail, the Jewel of Pangaea, in the globe’s most beneficiary club, Pangaea. So what makes this most expensive? Well, it contains unusual Hennessy, classic Champagne, safe to consume gold flakes and comes beautified with a one-karat diamond. It’s also preserved in a steel suitcase and protected by bodyguards at same time.


2.  Enjoy a dinner at Waku Ghin

Known as the most costly, as well as the perfect place to dine in Singapore, Waku Ghin offers you a memorable dining experience, but unhappily one kept only for those making huge amounts. The contemporary European-Japanese restaurant offers you 25 people at a time to sit and enjoy your time.


3 . Spend a night in the Presidential Suite at Raffles Hotel

Ok, this is little unbelievable, but may be you know, the Raffles hotel’s Presidential suite is the most expensive rooms in the globe. Though, you will be able to explain into your friend circle that you have spent a night in the same bed as innumerable VVIP has chose to live on their most current visit to Singapore.


4.  Drive a supercar on the city’s road

Want to drive a Ferrari car around the Marina Bay and just imagine a new life for an hour? Well, with a visit to Singapore you can enjoy that – but after paying some bucks. You will have to pay some amount to ride a Ferrari or Lamborghini for 15 minutes. If we compare the cost of renting a Ferrari for 150 hours, it would be buying one of the real cars itself.


5. Take pleasure in a speedboat tour

Well there are lots of affordable trip and cruise present around Singapore, booking a private speedboat for few minutes are not one of them. Some of the most well-liked speed boat companies in Singapore offer an excursion with a few bucks.

Singapore offers you the most wonderful attractions to see in the world. If you haven’t traveled to Singapore, must plan to book a Holiday Packages for Singapore with Arv Holidays and explore every corner of its attractions that brings a wonderful experience to remember.