5 Top Places in India to Celebrate the Festival of Holi 2015

The exclusive event of Holi, which is celebrated in the month of March, is the festival of colors. This festival celebrates the brilliant & rich Indian customs and culture. For being so much diversity in India, Holi is celebrated in the different styles in this country. Normally, it is celebrated by coating the colored powder and scattering the colored water over each other, but each area has its own particularity. Although, the people can enjoy Holi everywhere in India, yet the best locations to enjoy this festival in India are following :

Sticks - Mathura

1. Wonderful Holi Celebration with Sticks – Mathura
In Mathura (in the state of Uttar Pradesh), which is the birthplace of the Lord Krishna, this festival is enjoyed in a very excellent style. Here, it is popular as Lathmar Holi, which is enjoyed at Vrindavan, Barsana, Braj, etc. in Mathura. Along with them, Radha Rani Temple in Barsana is the most significant location. Thousands of people assemble here to enjoy the Lathmar Holi. During the celebration of this festival, here the men in conventional attires friendly tease women for drawing their attention while, as a reaction, the women hit them with long staves (called Lathis in India).


2. Amazing Holi with the Parades of Elephants – Jaipur
The enjoyment of Holi in Jaipur, which is a visited city owing to its excellent Elephant Festival to be celebrated during the festival of Holi, has its own attraction. Jaipur Tour Packages are much renowned among the foreign tourists. The event has the features of the elephant polo as well as the dancing competitors. The festival of Holi has a distinguished taste here and one that you will never forget.



3.  Enjoy Beautiful Holi with Music – Jaisalmer
The celebrations of Holi Festival in Jaisalmer (in the state of Rajasthan) have its own importance to be checked out. Being very conventional, it displays the wonderful lifestyle of Rajasthan. Along with the celebrations of Holi, people enjoy the performing of music. The people fill up the air with the powder of light red, green, yellow and blue in color.


4.  Attractive Holi with Touch of Culture – Shantiniketan in West Bengal  
Shantiniketan, which is situated in the state of West Bengal, is famous for the celebration of Holi. Rabindranath Tagore, the famous poet of India, commenced the Spring Festival (Basant Festival). A huge social program is arranged by the learners of the Vishva Bharati University. The learners wear the costume in the shades of spring and sprinkle colors at the visitors. This thing is worth remembering that the festival of Holi is celebrated a day after the celebration of the rest part of India.


5.  The Holi to Show Honor to Lord Krishna – Ahmedabad
The people can check out Ahmedabad (the town of Gujarat), if they are willing to take experience something particular. On the occasion of Holi, a pot full of butter is hanged on the roads of this city. To reach the pot and break it, the boys try to make a human pyramid. By sprinkling colored water towards the boys, girls tease them. This event pays honor to the nuisance of Lord Krishna, who used to make a theft of butter, while ‘Gopis’ used to deny him from doing this.