Bali entrance fee to each charm

Bali is visited by millions of oversea travelers for its matchless culture and points of interest all around the island from the exclusive temple to the dramatic landscape, from the ethnicity fair to shopping and from the exciting activity to relax full spa, you can experience a relaxing vacation in Bali. Bali Island really offer you a great things and experience with is Hindu connections and friendly

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dubai shopping festival

Things to carry on your return journey from Dubai

Dubai is just a paradise for all types of shoppers. Despite of hot weather, you will have a great collection of everything that makes your shopping in Dubai a great experience. And why not, it is an address of the world’s biggest shopping mall – the Dubai mall. It is a huge place with seemingly numerous options. With a never-ending number of outlets, you have so much choice of Dubai honeymoon tour packages from India that gives you a chance to explore all the shopping paradise. Continue reading

Explore the popular beach bars in Mauritius

Mostly travelers love to visit Port Louis whenever they step out of their resorts. Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and situated in the north-west mountain range and an address of busy Chinatown, the colorful markets and beautiful waterfront bordered by shopping arcades, restaurants and bars. If you are getting bore after doing lots of shopping and wish to relax at the Royal Road on Grand Baie – the best site for a cocktail. This sea facing region is equipped to the gills on weekends and single-handed demolishes the perception of Mauritius as a sleepy Island resort country. Start your thrilling evening in Port Louis and then move for the pub street in Grand Baie as the night carries on. Continue reading

5 most beautiful Island countries in the world to visit

The world is filled with beautiful landscapes, spectacular panoramic sight of nature’s superb beauty, which is perfect for the photography. There are many beautiful islands in the globe calling vacationers who are looking for refreshing holidays. The clear sea water, calm beaches and amazing scenery gives these Islands a best setting for a romantic vacation. International honeymoon packages covers all the most famous Islands situated on the planet. Continue reading

Hindi movies picturised in Thailand

Movies have an amazing ability to take your life to the next level. They are normally attractive and inspiring and if it has shot in refreshing locations. A number of times, I have been so captivated by a Bollywood song picturised in a wonderful site. Thailand, more than a decade, has become a desirable place in Bollywood. Continue reading

Six Olympic host cities to travel in the world

Organizing a luxurious event such as Olympic Games is indeed a hard line to pick over. All four years one lucky city gets an option to be a presenter of this leading global sporting event. Host cities splatter out a big amount of luck to host these unparallel games & the traveler’s arrival is really praiseworthy. And here are some reasons why you should tour to these top five Olympic host towns at least once in your life time. Continue reading

10 facts you should know about the Petronas Towers

The elevated shiny Petronas towers are a pride of Malaysia. We have all seen photos of it and we have all know about its natural and artificial beauty. But prior to book a flight ticket, get a Malaysia visa and fly on down there to enjoy its splendor in person. You might wish to find out some of these interesting truths Continue reading

5 visa free global destinations for a quick weekend escape

You may be know about the popular domestic spots as famous options for weekend escapes, but Indians can now enjoy their holiday in many nations without a visa or visa on arrival method. Thus, a number of global spots can also make space in your list of quick escapes more than this long weekend. Continue reading