14 nations can be visited without visa

If you have been planning a world tour, but facing problem in arranging a visa? Well, the time has come to pack your bag and start your trip to go as we have enlisted the name of countries where you can travel with Indian passport without carrying a visa. Some of these countries requiring no visa for Indians while some offering visa on arrival to the country, you can request for visa after you arrive the destination.

To manage your travel plans, few lines about these wonderful destinations


1. Bhutan

Bhutan is undoubtedly a Himalayan Kingdom. The place of thunder dragon or the last Shangri La, has made sure that tourism doesn’t affect the custom, culture and the most tranquil Himalayan land that presents in the globe. But the good news for Indians is that they don’t have to pay tourism fee as other nationals. There are monasteries to travel, rare wildlife to see and most of all the civilization interest and the daily life of Bhutanese people.

Visa requirement: Not required

Period: 30 Days


2. Cambodia

Once the place of the old civilization and now a nation that depicts its history and culture at the global level, Cambodia resides in a small part of Southeast Asia and much like its closest nations buzzes with assorted tourism. As you enter in the Kingdom of Cambodia, a charismatic influence can be found. Its striking regal spirit, brought upon it decades ago.

Visa requirement: Visa on arrival $30 to be paid in USD

Period: 30 Days


3. Indonesia

However, Bali usually gets all the limelight in Indonesia which is created over 17,000 Islands. Normally Bali manages to steal away all the charms due to its beautiful mountain scenery, beaches and landscapes. This highly diverse country has Balinese civilization, which lays serious pressure on dance, drama and sculpture. The historical temples and heritage sites, which not only depict the significance of the oldest culture, also go well with the contemporary day tourism.

Visa requirement: No Visa

Period: 30 days


4. Kenya

Kenya is known as the animal kingdom, where you can get rare wild animals. Being one of the best places for National Geographic, Kenya never feels shy to exhibit its wildlife as its main treasure. Tour to Maasai Mara where you can witness over a million Wildebeest! Instead of this, wildlife shows are also a part of Nairobi National Park. Apart from this, the country speaks about its history, culture, traditions and heritage sites.

Visa requirement: Visa on arrival

Period: 3 months


5. Macau

Macau is located in the west of Hong Kong and has plenty of things in the form of churches, fortresses and cultural heritages of the Portuguese. Though, the flip side shines glow with the customary Chinese culture. Travel to the charms of Macau such as – ruins of St.Paul’s, A-Ma temple, Museum and Sun Yat Sen Park will support you to understand it better. Apart from this, nightlife in Macau can also be thought such as the same of Las Vegas, as betting is absolutely legal here.

Visa requirement: Visa not required

Period: 30 days


6. Thailand

Thailand with a fair-haired impressive temples, refreshing coasts, melting pots of civilization and traditions. The contemporary charm of Thailand includes – spicy street food, markets, cafes, casinos, discotheques and pubs.

Visa requirements: You will have to pay for visa on arrival, which you can collect from the entry point.

Period: 15 days


7. Maldives

It seems so perfect for a holiday, Maldives is known as the Island destination rather than a nation filled with the lovely people. The Island has an unparallel range of coral reefs, which gives you a chance to explore the underwater world. Take pleasure in the best underwater activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and others, which you cannot forget till your life.

Visa requirements: No pre-arrival visa is required

Period: 15 Days


8. Mauritius

Mauritius is a fascinating Island filled with tropical lavishness and astonishing profligacy.No suspicion why this island nation is traveled by millions throughout the year. It has white sandy coasts, decorated by the ocean blue water waves that give you an impression of being so loneliness. The island has a plenty to offer. Vacation in this tropical heaven is a mixture, where you can go deep into the civilization, with no compromising on the selfish persistent amusing that spreads from its locales. Mauritius Tour Package is perfect option for this destination as it covers all attractions to see.

Visa requirements: No visa

Period: 14 days


9. Nepal

A country of the snowy mountains, mystic monasteries, Nepal is blessed with the mighty Himalayas. Being rewarded with the highest mountain in the globe (Mt. Everest), you can easily notice the country’s leaning towards far above the ground height adventures that bring brave tourists across the globe. Spiritual walks to the years old Stupas and temples can also bring a certain amount of charm to the traveling. Despite it, Nepal has rough paths to discover the extreme tourists out of him.

Visa requirements: Visa not required

Period: N/A


10. Seychelles

Innumerable paradises of green hills and white sandy beaches where you can walk through its coasts, Seychelles is each beach lover’s land. The island of Seychelles are scattered with many picture perfect, pure beaches that are really immaculate hideaways. And if that doesn’t excite you then this steamy heaven has forest walks, boat journeys and under water activities like – snorkeling.

Visa requirements: Visa on arrival

Duration: 1 month


11. Fiji

A set of volcanic islands stretched around 1000 miles in the South Pacific; Fiji is famous for its beautiful coasts, bendable palms and clear lagoons. There is abundance of adventure sports to assume in Fiji. Actually Fiji is so adaptable in offering varied feelings that it is as preferential with lavishness honeymoon hunter as it is with travelers or families.

Visa requirements: No Visa

Period: 6 months


12. St. Kitts and Nevis

A twin island nation mixing some of the most immaculate coasts and verdant hills, St Kitts and Nevis are your ideal escape to steamy warm climate land. There are number of adventures to have had along with regal inheritance to discover at numerous plantations.

Visa requirements: No Visa

Period: N/A


13. Madagascar        

Spectacular sea water washing the unspoiled beaches, dense rainforests filled with different species of trees that cannot be found anyplace in the globe. Madagascar is different from any place you would have ever traveled. This unexplained island has wasteland and rainforests and comes crowded with 12,000 species of floras. The fact about the species here is also related on its civilization with both being widespread.

Visa requirements: No Visa

Period: 90 days


14. Jordan

Jordan came into limelight after the 20th century as a travel spot in the Middle East. With its oldest leftovers and grand landscapes, it is no doubt T.E. Lawrence aka the ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ was so charmed with this Arab terrain. Jordan is rich in culture and heritage. You may be think that there is not anything to discover in Jordan apart from Petra, camels and desert but you can find much more than your expectations. There are coasts, castles, cathedrals and above all cultural things and lovely locals.

Visa requirements: Visa on arrival

Period: 2 weeks

All these destinations are amazing and you have no issues of Visa to get there. You can get on arrival visa for certain period under which you will be able to discover the attractions of these destinations. If you are still confusing then book an International Tour Package that contains all the answers of your doubts.